Starting a Business in Sherwood Park, Alberta

Starting a Business in Strathcona County

All inquires about starting a business or business planning in Sherwood Park all go through the Strathcona County office.  Unlike many other places in Alberta if you have a business license anywhere in Alberta you can work anywhere in Strathcona County.  In fact Strathcona County does not really have a business license.  Instead when you open a business you need to get a development permit for the location that you will be operating your business out of.  Then if you ever move or expand your business you will need another permit, but until then you do not pay any sort of annual cost.

Starting a home based business in Strathcona County is a little different.  There are two types of home based businesses you can start.  A minor and a major home based business.  Not all types of businesses are approved for working out of your home.  Just like the other types of locations you will need a development permit, but depending on the type of business you are required to renew this every 1 to 3 years.

I went on the website for Strathcona county and found a section on starting a business, but I did not find what I was looking for there, so I made a trip to the county office located at 2001 Sherwood Drive, Sherwood Park.  I spoke with a lady there that was very helpful.  As it would be difficult give you information here for every possible business that someone might want to start in Strathcona County I would suggest you make a trip down there and speak with someone about getting started.

As with starting any business you will need to do a few things that pertain to that business.  For instance you will need to create a business plan, marketing plan, and get any necessary registrations through the province of Alberta.  Check the main page on information for the province of Alberta.

You will also need to get a business name and business tax account.   Will you be making gross sales of over $30,000 per year?  If so you need to get registered with a GST number.  You can get a GST number if you make less than $30,000 but then it is not required if you choose not to.

Then you need to decide on the legal structure of your business.  For instance are you going to incorporate your business?  Will you have a partnership?  Or will you be a sole proprietor?  If you are just going with a sole proprietor you can do this by getting a nuans report for your name search then filling in the form to set up your sole proprietor business.

Next you need to decide on the location of your business.  If you are working out of your house you will need a home business permit.  If you are working out of a different location you will be required to get a permit to do this.  When you go to the city to get your business license you can ask them what is necessary to work from a store front or warehouse type location, or wherever you will be working from.

If you need a commercial space or office space to lease then check with our services section for someone to help you with these needs.



When you hire an employee you will have to send in a form to the CRA to register that employee with your company.  You will also need to get WCB for that employee.  A great idea is to also get disability insurance for yourself and your employees.  Check our recourses section for information on how to obtain this.


All businesses need to get clients, that is the whole point of starting a business in Alberta.  The method of getting clients is marketing.  Regardless of what you do you are marketing your business.  For instance if you join the chamber of commerce in Sherwood Park, or you do other networking you are marketing.  To learn about getting a business license in Edmonton check out City of Edmonton Business License

Face to face marketing can be the best, but can take quite some time to get business depending on the type of business you are starting.  Since this article pertains to all businesses in Strathcona County there is no way of saying what will work best for your business.

The best places to start are with a custom face book fanpage, a website, networking, cold calling, and PPC advertising.  These can be some of the most cost effective means of promoting your business in Sherwood Park.  Check out our resources section to learn more and find services that can help you with this.

Services sometimes required when starting a business anywhere in Alberta.

Commercial space to Lease

Disability Insurance




Good luck with your new business…

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