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Inside the members area are where all the really good articles are located.  These include articles on getting your business started, marketing and promoting your business, and all the resources that I have used over the years to find new leads for my business.

Whether you are a seasoned business owner or you are just getting started, there is something for you in the members area.

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I write about all the different marketing strategies that I have used over the last 20 years of being in business.  These include how to create effective copywriting that pulls readers in to your ad and takes them through to a call of action.  I also tell you how to rank your website number one in the search engines.  You will learn how to create a Facebook fanpage and why you should create one.

I also explain other social media methods that have worked for me and can work for you as well!

We also have a private Facebook group for members only where we can all ask and answer whatever questions we or other members have.  As a community we can all move to the next level and achieve the goals we want to achieve.

Free Membership

Did I mention this is a free membership?  Yes, absolutely no charge for you to learn all there is to learn about in the world of business development as well as marketing and advertising your business here in Alberta.

Inside the resources section of the free membership you will find all the services that I currently use for many different areas of marketing and other business needs.  Yes, there is a cost to those, and I do make a percentage if you buy from me, but I only promote what I use and never have or never will promote something that I do not see value in enough to use myself.  Some of the services I only use once or twice a week, others I use on a daily basis, some cost monthly and some have a credit or pay as you go type of cost.  In any case you will need to use products and services of others to get ahead in your business.


From time to time I will create something other than an article that will help you with your business.  Might be a pdf or a short report that you can put your name on and use to get more clients, or it might be something that I buy and have the right to distribute for free, or could be something entirely different that I happen to come up with weeks or months down the road!


For those of you that have a question I will happily try my best to answer that question.  Then I will add that question and answer to the database for others to see and get use out of.  Don’t worry about the competition seeing your question and answer as most businesses cap out with a market penetration of less than 5%.  I would think I am the same, meaning that there might be 5 or 6 others in the same industry as you, and one or two of those might be in your city, but most likely that will be all there is!  Still many, many clients for you to chase after without even coming close to stepping on each others toes…You will of course have the choice of having your question and answer posted in the FAQ.  I want you to feel comfortable in growing your business and would rather answer your questions than you not wanting to ask the question.


Only members will be able to enter contests.  Many of these contests will be for free services that I provide while other contests could be for products that I have bought specifically for the contest.  As an example, I might buy and give away a year worth of hosting from a hosting company.  For me to do this I would have to pay for that year then set up the contest for my members and give the winner the prize for winning.  That is just one of many possibilities.  Speaking of contests, inside the membership I will be creating an article that will show you exactly how to set up your own contest very easily.  Contests can do a number of things for your business, drive traffic to your website, get new members, create a buzz in your local area, and much more…

 Other Resources

In the resources section there is also all sorts of free resources that I use that can help you in many areas of your business.  I know that sometimes when you get started you don’t have the cash on hand to just start buying services to help you grow.  If that is your case then there are free resources that will help you, these require more work on your part but sometimes as an entrepreneur we have to jump in and take that risk even if we don’t have quite enough money to start off with a bang…


There are many advantages to joining this free membership.  I really hope you take advantage of this by joining today, then we can get to know each other and our businesses in the years to come.

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