Starting a Cleaning Business

Starting a cleaning business in Alberta is one of the easier types of businesses to start.  Whether you are in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer or another location in Alberta you will find for the most part you will need a business license.  This is not the case is all areas of Alberta so check with your local authorities to make sure you are following the rules.

Even though I say starting a cleaning business is an easy business to start this does not mean a cleaning business is easy.  You will need to be relatively fit and have some good stamina.  The reason I say this is an easy business to start is because you do not need a lot of capital to get your business going.

You will need a business license, insurance, cards, a reliable vehicle, and some cleaning supplies.  As you grow you may need a vacuum, floor polisher, and employees.  You also need to decide on the type of cleaning business you are going to start, commercial or residential.  There is also another type, someone that cleans new home construction.  The biggest difference between the two will be when you can clean and what you will charge.  Most residential cleaning will take place during the day while a lot of commercial cleaning can be weekend and evening work.

Depending on the area of the province you live in will dictate the amount you can charge.  The easiest way to find out will be to make some phone calls to existing cleaning businesses in the city you are living or working in.  Even once you have done this you may have a little difficulty with pricing at first if someone asks for a quote.  The best answer to give someone is let me clean it once for x number of dollars per hour then we will know just how much it will cost.  Many people will say to go ahead and do it and if they feel it was fair continue to use your services after ward.

Another nice aspect about starting a cleaning business is you don’t need hundreds of clients.  In fact if most of your clients need monthly or twice a month services you can get pretty busy with just 30 clients.

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