Marketing a New Business

Marketing a new business is not much different than marketing any business in Alberta.

You will want to decide on the types of marketing that will best suite the business industry you are in.  For instance if you are in the oil field you might find that networking is the best way to get new clients.  Or if you own a clothing store then advertising online and in a newspaper that is read by your target audience might work best for your business.

Of course depending on your budget will dictate how you start your marketing plan.  If your budget is low then you might find that networking will be your top priority for the next little while.  Or if you have allocated a substantial amount of funds to marketing then you will want to create a strong web presence and do as much marketing as you can offline.

For the most part the secret to strong marketing is getting your message in front of as many targeted people as you can.  Do not waste your money on advertising that does not reach or only reaches a small portion of your target market.  After you have started a business in Alberta you will find that many people will be calling you and trying to sell their marketing services to you.  I know, as this has happened to me for years.  I get calls from every type of magazine in the city that thinks advertising with them will make me a fortune.  And they will say anything to get you to jump on board.  Don’t waste your money with something that will not give you any results.

Focus on the type of clients you want, from there try to figure out what they like to read, who they hang out with and what they like to do for fun.  This might be a large area of interest but this gets you started on focusing on one particular client.  You might be able to offer services to everybody in the city or in the province, but by narrowing down your focus you will find that your marketing campaign will be more appealing to that client.

This means that you might need a separate page on your website for every type of client that your service.  To be successful with this you should learn the power of copywriting and how to use words to get your point across.  If you have the money you can hire a copywriter instead which will just speed up the process of your marketing campaign.

Some of the methods you can use in your new Alberta business to get business are websites, posts on forums, articles on article directories, postcards, flyers, networking, building a sales force, newspaper advertising, billboards, and much more.

The key to being successful is understanding that target market you are going for.  I just gave you a short list of marketing plans that can work for many industries, but until you try it these may or may not work for your industry.

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Kelly Kramer has been marketing for himself and others for the last 15 years and has had great success in helping build businesses through many forms of marketing.  You can reach him at 780-264-0878 or email at

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