It’s all in the details, really!

Sometimes, it really is the little things that count. I mean, don’t we all
know stories of seemingly insignificant things making a big difference? After a
while its hard to ignore the impact these things can have on the way your
clients, friends and family can feel valued by these little things!

I was in the coffee line this morning at one of my regular haunts, and
watched just such a situation unfold. The woman behind me orders her
coffee and is asked “Would you like that to stay or to go?” Standard question,
right? The woman smiles and says “I’d like to take it with me”.

The staff member had to pause a second and get present to handle the
fact what had just happened was not one of the responses to the question she
had asked.

There was 3 things I took from this experience.

Firstly, whenever you are speaking to a client, its important to stay
focused on the person you are engaged with! Especially face to face, even a
momentary pause or unfocused response can tip the other person off to a lack
of attention and introduce irritation or resentment into the interaction.

Secondly, a great way to show respect to your clients is to respond in
the manner that works best for them, not for you. In this case, responding
using the exact words for your preferred choice. These subtle signs of respect
and attention make you more likeable and increase your ability to work
effectively with others.

The last one is the most interesting, and did not occur to me until some
time later. These small things, especially ones that require focus to
consistently do, are simply not things that most entrepreneurs are good at.

You can quickly distance yourself from your competitors by building a
habit of becoming totally focused during interactions. In fact, our collective
love affair with technology virtually guarantees that anybody who simply shuts
off everything but the person in from of them will stand out.

What are 3 things small things you can do right now to show the people
you interact with that you value them and their time?

Andy Richardson

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