City of Edmonton Business License

If you are going to run a business within the city of Edmonton you will need a business license.  There are different types of licenses that are required depending on the type of business that you are going to run.  For instance if you plan on selling door to door you will need a license that regulates this type of service.  The reason for this is to cut down on the number of people that sell door to door in Edmonton that will take your money but not deliver your product.

When I was renewing my city license last month I asked what types of companies are required to have a city license.  The lady taking my money said any person or corporation that is going to run a business of any kind needs to have a city of Edmonton business license.

If you are a subcontractor to another contractor in the home building field then you need a city of Edmonton business license.

This might seem like a money grab by the city of Edmonton, but for the most part this is to help protect the residents of Edmonton.  If someone is preforming some sort of work and does this without a license in the city of Edmonton and hurts somebody or rips off somebody then that person goes to the city regulators to find out why this has happened.

To learn more about getting a license with the city of Edmonton please click here.

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