Below you will find articles that will help you build a business.  Once you have started your business in Alberta you will need to do a lot of work to be successful.  Even though this is Alberta and we have had a lot more opportunities than the rest of the country you will still need to work hard and work smart.

Come back often as I will be adding new material all the time.

Starting a Business in Alberta: Step One – Basic Structure

What structure should your new business be? There are a few basic options:

1) Sole Proprietorship in Alberta – In this simplest of structures there is no legal separation
between you and your business. You are the business. You receive income and
file your taxes the same, with only a few additional schedules. This is appropriate
for start-ups unsure of potential sales volumes, or those operating the business on
a part-time basis. If you choose to use a Trade Name,

City of Edmonton Business License

If you are going to run a business within the city of Edmonton you will need a business license.  There are different types of licenses that are required depending on the type of business that you are going to run.  For instance if you plan on selling door to door you will need a license that regulates this type of service

Marketing a New Business in Alberta

You will want to decide on the types of marketing that will best suite the business industry you are in.  For instance if you are in the oil field you might find that networking is the best way to get new clients.  Or if you own a clothing store then advertising online and in a newspaper that is read by your target audience might work best for your business.

Disability Insurance for Alberta Businesses

I remember a time when I worked in a warehouse packing grocery pallets. I was trying to get
into shape to take police training, and it seemed logical to get work that would allow me to get into
better condition while I worked.

Lifetime Value of a Client

If you are starting a business in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer or anywhere else in Alberta you must learn to understand the lifetime value of a client.  Knowing exactly what the lifetime value of a client brings for your business will allow you to spend more on your marketing.  If you spend $2500 on marketing and advertising and you get 10 clients that you make gross profit before your marketing of $2500 you might stop this process.

Focus on Your Alberta Business

It’s all in the details, really!

Sometimes, it really is the little things that count. I mean, don’t we all
know stories of seemingly insignificant things making a big difference? After a
while its hard to ignore the impact these things can have on the way your
clients, friends and family can feel valued by these little things!

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