Starting a Business in Alberta

Are you thinking of starting a small business in Alberta? Then you have come to the right place as this website is here to help you start a business in Alberta or if you have already started a business in Alberta recently or some time in the past we can teach you how to get more business.  Inside we will teach you how to start a small business in Alberta and market your new or existing business.

The information in this website can help you run your business in Edmonton or Calgary or any other city or town in Alberta. We will also teach you for free how grow your business by creating marketing campaigns that will give you results.

If you are new to Alberta let me say a few things. Alberta is a strong province with a strong economy that has slipped recently because of oil prices dropping. (At the time of this writing) Regardless of the current situation we are still a have province and starting a business here in Alberta is still a good idea. If you can learn how to run a business you will be successful!

Inside of this website you will find two different sections. The first section is helping people with many different areas of business. This section is open to the public and easily accessible to everyone. The second section is a members only section. This is a free membership but you do have to join if you want access to the much more powerful strategies to starting a running a business.

Inside the website you will discover how to start a business in Alberta; registering your business in Edmonton or Calgary; how to choose an Edmonton SEO company; how to get an Alberta business license; places to buy business cards in Edmonton or business cards in Calgary; networking techniques; as well as marketing, branding, and social media strategies.

Then if you are ready to take your business to the next level you can join the free membership side of the business. (You can do that on your first visit if you like!) This is where the level of learning increases substantially. Inside the membership area you will learn how to do marketing like an Edmonton marketing firm does marketing. You will also learn how to do your own SEO (search engine optimization) the same way a Calgary SEO company might do this for you.

Even more important, inside you will learn how to create ads that get results. This method of writing is called copywriting and is an absolute must if you want to increase the amount of sales or responses you get from your advertisements. These methods have been taught to me by some of the greatest copywriters in the world.

You will also learn how to build a list that will allow you to make money every time you send out an offer to that list. Many people do not understand the power of having a list, but this is one strategy that can take your business to the next level!

Who Am I

Just who am I and why do I think I can teach you all of this? My name is Kelly Kramer, and over the years I have started different companies at one time or another in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, and Sherwood Park or Strathcona County. Each company had varying degrees of success and taught me a tremendous amount along this journey.

I first learned about how to do marketing years ago before the internet was anything of any significance. I sent out 1000’s of postcards for a plumbing business that I owned and I received very little in business. My ROI (return on business) was horrible for that particular marketing campaign. After doing some research in the local library I discovered that what was written in an ad or on a postcard or flyer could increase or decrease the amount of calls I would get from that campaign.

At this point I had already read a book by Dan Kennedy, and it turns out he had another book that would teach people how to write sales letters. After diving into this I needed to learn more and started to read and apply all books written by Dan as well as by Joe Sugarman, Joe Vitale, Ted Nicholas, Claude Hopkins, and a friend of mine Troy White of which I also took all of his courses that he created on copywriting.

Then along came the internet. This started to change the world of marketing in a few ways, but the fundamentals of copywriting stayed exactly the same. I took and used a course by John Reese called traffic secrets. He was the first person to make one million dollars in one day online. Inside his course he talked about many different methods of generating traffic to a website. But what was really interesting was that he did not talk about SEO. He did however have someone in the audience that spoke for 30-40 minutes on the topic. His name is Jeff Johnson. What did I do? I bought all of his courses as well and learned and applied those techniques. I also learned from someone else that spoke from the audience at this event named Perry Marshall. Without a doubt the top person when it came to PPC marketing or pay per click.

Online marketing has changed a lot since then, and to keep up I spend about $5000 per year learning new strategies to rank websites for myself and my clients.

Inside the members area I will teach you what I have learned and continue to learn from all of these people and so many others. And as a member whenever I learn a new method to get more business you will be the first one to read about it!

The membership is free so jump in now and take a look around, but don’t forget about the great information that is in the non-member side of the website as well…